Urban Goddess

Getting back to our roots! For people with interests in urban farming, gardening and organic and homemade foods and household and beauty products.


Aboutus    Hello, friends, and welcome to Urban Goddess! We are two sisters separated by many miles; Cristyn is in Los Angeles and Caryn is in Oregon, but we’re able to bond almost on a daily basis over shared interests of healthier living. Our goal is to build a community of sharing healthier living tips with others because we know how scary, difficult, and sometimes tedious it can be to begin a whole new lifestyle and eating habits.

With getting older and the choice and rising prices of food available at most large grocery stores, we felt that we needed a change. All the reports of GMO foods, and other garbage, is disconcerting and we want to take back control of what we and our families are consuming. As a community, we can do this together and make healthier families and a healthier country! Let’s get back to our roots!


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